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For your better understanding here is a summary of some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TQuest for Men.

1. What is TQuest for Men?

TQuest is a life changing spiritual development resource for men's small-groups.

2. What does "TQuest" mean?

TQuest is shot for Transformation Quest, which is a phrase that represents the journey a man takes when he begins to seek true intimacy with God.

3. How does TQuest work?

TQuest combines relevant study materials, pertinent exercises, and a unique small-group model to create an environment for personal discovery and growth by allowing men to explore how they are emotionally and spiritually created by God.

4. What does TQuest accomplish?

By promoting the need for authentic relationships, TQuest provides each man with opportunities to be truly known by others and to better know himself and God. TQuest challenges each man to discover the truth about himself and to find out who he was created to be and who he is in Christ Jesus?

5. How was TQuest developed?

Developed by Sage Hill Resources (a division of Providence Publishing Corporation) in consultation with the General Commission on United Methodist Men, TQuest was designed, prototyped, and revised at the leading of the Holy Spirit. TQuest was infused with new inspirations as well as borrows from numerous classic programs and resources.

6. How long does TQuest last?

TQuest is designed as an ongoing program that grows and changes over time. Each participant commits to one year of study at a time. Each year of study consists of forty (40) weeks of curriculum.

7. How do TQuest groups function?

TQuest groups are made up of 4 or 6 men who meet weekly for 1.5-2 hours. TQuest's unique small group format includes elements of mutual accountability, support, and prayer.

8. What is the role of a TQuest participant?

Each group member has weekly study materials that include a narrative, Bible study, personal inventory, personal challenge, and journaling exercise. A week's study can be completed in about 15-30 minutes/day.

9. What is included in each participant's pack?

Each TQuest participant will receive

• Ten (10) 32 page study booklets covering 4 weeks each
• Journaling booklets
• Interactive CD-Rom
• Ringbinder

10. What's the cost to participate in TQuest?

A year's subscription to TQuest is $49.95. Planned publication of TQuest materials is April 2002.


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