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Providence Publishing Corporation has introduced a new inspirational trade division, Sage Hill Resources, to create books and other resources relevant to the post-baby boomer generation.

"Sage Hill Resources is about reawakening to the dream that life really can be good," said Stephen James, director of trade publishing for Sage Hill Resources. "It calls us to acknowledge our heart and embrace the divine image in which we were created."

According to James, Sage Hill Resources aims at touching the heart of the emerging culture with God’s love. It allows post-baby boomers (commonly referred to as post-moderns) to explore where they’ve come from, who they are and who they will be tomorrow.

Sage Hill Resources released its first title, The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living by Chip Dodd, on August 1. The Voice of the Heart offers a deeper understanding of how to live an abundant life. A compact disc with audio of Dodd is also included to supplement material covered in the book.

In The Voice of the Heart, Dodd teaches readers how to begin to know their hearts so that they can better know themselves and be better equipped to live in relationship with others, and ultimately, with God.

Dodd is the founder of Sage Hill Institute, which is dedicated to teaching and training others in the Spiritual Root System.

"The Spiritual Root System is a genuine way to reintroduce people to their hearts, and in turn to full lives that can be intimately shared with others and with God," said Dodd. "The wonderful truth is that when we awaken to our hearts and turn to One greater than ourselves, we find two things: (1) we are not alone; and (2) we are valuable."

Other planned releases from Sage Hill Resources include Reading Scripture for Relationship: Having God’s Word Alive in Your Heart (12-week study series based on The Voice of the Heart), The Walk of Life: Eight Steps to Full Living and The Way of Love: Having a Heart Filled Life, all to be written by Dodd.



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